Office 365

Office 365

Get the job done - anywhere, anytime

Microsoft Office is the default office suite for companies worldwide. You write texts in Word, process data in Excel and build presentations with PowerPoint. Office 365 organizes all those activities in the cloud. Freeing business owners from on-premise server installations and maintenance tasks.

Exchange Online: your company on cloud nine

Megabyte Applications adds Exchange Online to your Office 365 configuration. In plain English: all your mailboxes, calendars and archives will be stored on Microsoft servers. And your data is protected from viruses, spam and phishing attacks, enabling you to work safely and worry-free from any location.

Office 365 offers several solutions for small business and large corporations. We will be happy to talk to you about which one will work best for your company. From a standalone setup to a fully integrated system that supplements your on-premise Active Directory.

Need help weighing up the pros and cons of an Exchange migration to the cloud? Or do you perhaps need an expert to carry out the migration? Contact Road2Result: we’ll design a well-thought-through approach that’s future-proof and tailored to your company’s specific needs.