Whenever you need assistance with an IT project, we will help you in a structured way, even when were talking about small projects. Our experience tells us that 'think before you act' is a good approach. So each of the above steps will be part of our approach, not always taking up a lot of time but always present.

The time spent to each of those project steps will depend on the available budget.


Before starting a project it's important that we know your environment and expectations.


Once we know what you want, we can design your future network and the way to get there.

Test / PoC

Before starting a migration, we test and verify that what we have created, is exactly what you expect.

Migrate / Implement

After the acceptation of the design and all the tests we start with the real stuff: migration.


Documentation is important, future projects will often rely on the existing documentation.


To keep your network healthy, we follow up on our projects and installations, or we can perform monthly maintenance.