Exchange Solutions

Microsoft Exchange Server is the best-known collaboration platform for email, sharing calendars, scheduling resources and unified messaging. The Exchange client is Microsoft Outlook, a part of the Microsoft Office bundle.

Do you use Microsoft Exchange already? Or plan to? Save yourself a lot of hassle and get a Megabyte Applications expert on your side. We have years of experience with Exchange configurations and migrations.

Endless possibilties, scalable setup

With Microsoft Exchange, we create a logical structure that fits your business processes. Moreover, it is completely scalable. Exchange fits small businesses, large corporations and everything in between. What’s more, full redundancy can be easily achieved at every phase of your business’s growth.

In the cloud or in the basement

Office 365 opens the door to a completely cloud-based exchange environment. Since its introduction, it is possible to implement an Exchange solution either on your own servers or in the cloud. Not sure what the best option is for your company? Ask an expert! Together, we will go through the pros and cons of both options.