Periodic Maintenance

Your computer network is not so different from your car. To make sure it keeps running smoothly, it needs maintenance from time to time – preferably according to a pre-defined schedule. Megabyte Applications does just that.

Unique maintenance Plan

Every business and every network has different maintenance needs. That is why we always develop a unique maintenance plan. We can do this for you. Together with your own ICT administrator (if there is one available) or by ourselves

During periodic maintenance we install updates, monitor the health of your servers and peripherals, check your backups and answer end user questions. We also implement solutions and fixes to issues that are known to cause problems over time.

Thinking ahead

Because we stay in touch, we also know how your ICT needs shift and evolve. That enables us to respond quickly to your questions. And it helps us to make suggestions ourselves. We try to think of improvements before you do. And implement as soon as you give the green light.

Would you like an evaluation of your current maintenance plan? Or does your ICT infrastructure require urgent maintenance? Send us in.