Active Directory

Too many ICT specialists still walk from desk to desk changing settings with every update or change in the network. And too many ICT networks still suffer safety problems due to inconsistent authorization settings.

We help you centralize a lot of tasks on your network, making it more secure along the way by making correct and logical use of Active Directory.

Logical structure

We create a logical structure that is self-documenting and easy to manage. It’s based on an analysis of your company, and on industry best practices we’ve picked up. This way, Active Directory really supports your network, with minimal maintenance needs on top!

Group policies and much more

Do you want to add a new printer? Announce a new campaign with a company-wide wallpaper change? Create a new user with extended (or reduced) permissions to access files and folders? It’s as easy as click-click-click when your Active Directory is set up right. Take the first click!

"We used to be part of a big network. But we split our Active Directory to enable us to work independently from our sister company. That required some out of the box thinking. Luckily, Megabyte Applications came up with the innovative solutions we were hoping for. It managed the whole transition flawlessly – with an on time and within budget delivery. Megabyte Applications also kept a link to our sister company. That way, joint projects and collaboration are still possible."

Philippe Marecaux, Triplem