Anti Virus

The web is filled with malicious software and potentially dangerous applications. Keeping your employees from clicking and downloading the wrong things is nearly impossible. Which makes it vital to your network’s health that you first detect and then either remove or quarantine these malicious files.

Automated attacks

Every company needs antivirus protection. Because most malware doesn’t go after specific data – any data will do. Which means yours is a potential target. Thanks to our smart solution, such automated attacks will no longer be any of your concern. Your network and its users will be fully protected, freeing up time to focus on your core business.

Worry-Free Business Security

Megabyte Applications protects your company with Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Business Security. Why? Because it offers complete protection for your PC’s, Macs, mobile devices, email, web activity and file sharing. And it is easy to use. Once properly installed, you won’t even need an in-house ICT specialist to carry out follow-up adjustments.

Contact us and let’s discuss the best antivirus solution for you.