A backup solution is part of your risk management strategy. Actually, it’s just as important as any insurance. Just imagine a day without access to your mailbox. Or think about what would happen if all the information relating to your past projects just disappeared. The risk simply is too big to take, especially when there’s a smart solution at hand.

Peace of mind

Megabyte Applications implements a waterproof backup solution with all the necessary safeguards: separate disks on separate locations, continuous synchronization, version control, ... you’ll never have to worry about data loss ever again!

Do you need even more peace of mind? The perfect complement to our backup solution is our maintenance service. This includes a regular check of your data safety and backup processes.

Smart and fast recovery

We hope it never happens, but should a crucial file disappear from your server, we take fast and smart action to retrieve it. If necessary, our solution enables us to recover single files or entire disks within a few hours.


Megabyte Applications has selected Veeam as it's primary backup solution. We used to rely on Microsoft’s Data Protection Manager (DPM) for years. It has been keeping our own data and that of our clients safe but ever since Veeam has entered the market it outperformed DPM.

As we promise in our mission statement, we started using Veeam ourselves and added the product to our portfolio

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