Wondering whether you could make better use of your hardware capacity? There is always room for improvement. Take virtualization, for example. With the right configuration, you really make the most of your new hardware.

Megabyte Applications helps you spot those opportunities. Call on us to optimize the usage of your hardware and to set you up with reliable virtualization software.

From setup to maintenance

Virtualization is the process of creating ‘virtual’ servers on smaller portions of your real servers. This way, several server tasks can be carried out simultaneously on one machine.

What’s the advantage of that? It’s cheaper and safer. With this approach, different roles on one server do not depend on one another. Furthermore, virtualization makes it possible to achieve complete server redundancy with only two servers.

Two tried and trusted platforms

When it comes to virtualization we prefer VMware ESX and the Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platform. These products allow us to create any virtualization setup you need. Get in touch.

"After thoughtful consideration, we decided to switch virtualization platforms. We traded Microsoft Hyper-V for VMware. Because Megabyte Applications knows our IT infrastructure inside and out, the transfer only took them a couple of days."

Udo Reinertz, Directeur Financier, Groupe Jans