Smart Solutions

ICT can be as simple as applying the right application or process for the job. After all, isn’t that what computers are for? But sometimes the range of choice can be overwhelming. And comparing products takes time. That’s where our expertise comes in. We provide tried and tested solutions for all your ICT issues.

Big picture

Megabyte Applications starts by zooming out in order to see the bigger picture. We always look before we leap. After we have talked through your goals with you, we decide upon the best way to achieve them.

Only then, we start the implementation phase. And afterwards, we stay close by your side in order to monitor the solution and follow it up with adjustments if necessary.

Experience leads to Best Practices

What sets Megabyte Applications apart? It’s not just our implementation skills. And it’s not only our project management. It’s thinking. We rely on processing power and brains. And we put our experience with all sorts of clients, environments and projects to use.

How? We have turned our expertise into best practices for a ‘first time right’ approach to every situation. Whether it’s a network redesign or a backup solution.