Only tried and tested solutions

Megabyte Applications uses a carefully selected set of products that its experts know inside and out. Their knowledge comes from years of experience with different software and hardware, for different projects and different clients.

Consider the list on the left as a hall of fame of products that have proven their value time and time again.

No hidden agenda

We never implement a tool we don’t believe in ourselves. Megabyte Applications always tests its prospective products before establishing a partnership with the supplier. These partnerships are established only to ensure the best possible service and pricing. And such partnerships do not oblige Megabyte Applications to stick with the supplier in the long term. Every new version of a product is re-evaluated. And any new product that outperforms our current choice will be the one we use in future. It’s that simple.

Our love, your gain

All this means that you will only work with the best hardware and software solutions available – today, tomorrow and next year. As your partner, we will always challenge ‘the limitations of the product'.

Take a look at the products we love. Or contact us for the best ICT solutions for your business.